Every word you say
Means so much to me
Yet sometimes I seem to run out of time
To reply to them
But only because I am scared
Of being unfair to you

My thoughts are soundless
I appreciate when you still hear them
They are clumsy and confused
Yet farthest away
From how I feel about you

You make me open the doorway of my heart
My thoughts a little clearer for you
An unspoken interaction of the eyes and the mind

A lingering twilight
Illuminating the flower
Captured in its perpetuity
A moment that becomes eternity
And clears up the sky

I guess I saw this in a dream. It has been so long since I saw you in person I guess it’s a hazy mix of my thoughts and my daydreams. I long to see you even if so. It made me realise how overwhelmed I am sometimes just by…

I decided to write something as a note
And send it to you
Because I miss being able to write you one
On the flyleaf of a book
I find that extremely romantic
And I miss being able to share that with you
It’s stupid and childish
Yet I long for that feeling so much…

Oh to be on a ship
Surrounded by the foundations
Of a calm sea
Rolling on the white waves
Of clarity and truthfulness
Knowing where they carry you
On the exploration of a dream
To feel the love of the winds
That push you forth
The caress of the quiet ecstasy
That envelopes you
In the middle of nowhere
Yet headed…

I love second hand books

They have a story to tell
And those not of words
But of times bygone
Of libraries and houses
People wise and kind
Others uninterested and philistine

The words on the flyleaf
That make you wonder
If this was a cherished possession
Or probably not quite
Library stamps…

It is a snowflake
And you wonder how it will be
What shape it is
What will you see
If you would taste it or let it be
And it grows and grows

You sit in your room
Forget about it
It is cold and not fun
And it is small and insignificant
It rolls and rolls

You play with fire
Or is it snow
Oh it is nothing
And it grows and grows

Should you open your door
Face it perhaps
Before the storm kicks it in
It rolls and rolls

Is it here already
Can it not let me be
And it grows and grows

I did not have time
Did I
It rolls and rolls

I worry but to what outcome
It is here

I can not face it
It is here

It will knock down my door


Sail by me
On a full moon night
Your sails filled up
With the winds of love

I will wait for you
As has become a habit
Waiting for the boat
Long gone

Do I wait for you
As the dark engulfs
Like a velveteen sheet
Just like your hugs

Do I wait for you
Till mornings dawns
And you to come back
To wet the shore

I wonder if
You long for me
As the shore longs and lusts
For the tidal sea

Do you feel homesick
At the sight of the sea
I look at all of it
Yet you I long to see

I am tired of counting
The waves and the moons
Yet still I wait
For you my love

Sail by me
On a full moon night
Your sails filled up
With the winds of love

The love songs make sense,
some rom-coms do too.
And all things cheesy,
seem to come a little easy.

Haven’t heard a bird sing yet,
wouldn’t be out of place I bet.
My small world with you seems groovy.
Have I just been cast in a Disney movie?

A change of seasons around these parts,
I could say the same about my heart.
Except that it’s cold outside,
and there’s leaves falling.
But in here, it’s a full blown spring of love.
It’s for you that I am falling.

Before the last leaf falls,
or the squirrel sings and calls.
Telling me that it is the season of change.
I rest assured,
about one thing that I am sure.
That something will never change.

My love for you remains the same.

I wish you would teach me
As you always do
About my true feelings
Like you did when I realised
There is no pretend love
No empty heart

I use words to describe how I feel
But are characters enough
There certainly is no expression
But definitely a lot of emotions
And my muddled…

Tulip Wright

Here to express musings while they figure out their place in this world

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